Monday, November 22, 2010

The Dynamics of 2 & 3 - Group Behaviour

We come across so many people in life. See a thousand faces every day, notice a hundred , talk to some and care for a few . The obvious fact is that our behavior varies from person to person depending upon the degree of our comfort, how well we are accustomed with him/ her, how trustworthy and important he/she is and some other ulterior motives, if any that is. From my observation, that is just one aspect that governs our behavior. We can treat the same person differently if we meet him in person and when we meet in a group. My article is just about that and my observations relating to the same.

For a group of 2 people, their dynamics are similar to that of a couple irrespective of their genders. Since they have one to one correspondence, they feel more obliged and responsible towards their counterparts. They start to share small details in the early stages of interaction. The behavior and dynamics depend more on this singular interaction and not positively correlated with their liking and preference for the person. As a result, you are cautious and more choosy consciously or sub consciously in selecting such a friend when you know that you have to interact on one to one basis .More often than not, people are shy from opening up in public, so in case of a duo, it is easy to share your personal details which you might not otherwise, had u met this person in public. Usually there is a case of dominant and submissive personality, one leading while the other following.
For a group of 3 people, case becomes little different. What happens is for each person there are two options to interact. Since there is no one to one correspondence, we are at some liberty regarding our contribution and how active we can be in the group. In such cases, we let our guard down in a way and interact with people who might not be our first choices. There can be multiple scenarios. You can choose to be the leader, a follower or the “indifferent” guy who does not have its preferences or is basically ok with everything. Plus you can be close to the group as a whole or to only to one person. You can be a part of the group yet you can be at a distance from others, maintaining your interaction to bare minimum.  So if we put the 2 ppl in first scenario, chances are that they won’t behave and interact in the same way because there are more possible choices. However, there is always a possibility that these 2 people interact a lot and the 3rd person is sidelined but the probability of that happening can be presumed to be less than the first.  The presence of the third member weakens the chances of the 2 getting close and personal because they will be not be provided with enough space and opportunity to do so . Also since the third member is also part of the group, the remaining 2 cannot neglect him out rightly.

This is how I have witnessed the group behavior. Just the addition of one member changes a whole lot of things, the way we approach people, our attitude, behavior and lot more. All the views and observations present here are mine and mine only .

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