Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stock Exchanges, Investments and Derivatives

The book “Stock Exchanges, Investments and Derivatives” written by V Raghunathan and Prabina Rajib deals with the common issues that any Investor faces , specifically those who do not have the technical background.
What’s the plot?
The book is a compilation of 250 most nagging questions an Investor has regarding the Stock market. The book deals with all the basics of the Stock Market. What the market is all about along with a brief history on Indian Markets. All the aspects of the stock market i.e. Equities, IPO, Mutual Funds, Bond Market, Derivatives, Share Pricing models, Introduction to Portfolio Management are introduced chapter wise.
What to expect?
The book is all about sharing the basics of the stock market in a question answer format. The highlight of the book is the simple language that has been used; the concepts are explained in a lucid manner without going into the technical details or using any financial jargons. All the theories and intricate material has been supported by appropriate examples, again which are simple to understand. The author has very tactfully touched all the topics of the market without going into details.
I will recommend this book to all those who want to know the basics of the stock market. This is certainly book where I would like to begin. A word of Caution: This book is NOT about how to earn money in Stock Market or Trading Strategies. It’s a book for understanding the concepts.

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