Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Begging - Should it be Encouraged ?

Begging - technically known as “panhandling” means is wherein the needy ask for material benefit,  money, or even basic amenities like food and clothing .
But the question  here is should this activity be encouraged ??
Image Courtesy : http://www.pravoslavie.ru
It’s a human tendency that u feel like helping someone when they are in need – Good karma as we say it ..But is it really a good karma ?
They are many reasons that ppl keep begging . Some think they cannot do anything else , some don know whether they can do anything , then there are some who think that begging is better and easy money  , sit in a place and keep pleading ppl to help them  . Begging has become more of an art rather than an unwanted activity.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Dynamics of 2 & 3 - Group Behaviour

We come across so many people in life. See a thousand faces every day, notice a hundred , talk to some and care for a few . The obvious fact is that our behavior varies from person to person depending upon the degree of our comfort, how well we are accustomed with him/ her, how trustworthy and important he/she is and some other ulterior motives, if any that is. From my observation, that is just one aspect that governs our behavior. We can treat the same person differently if we meet him in person and when we meet in a group. My article is just about that and my observations relating to the same.